About Us

BNDTS (bandits) started as two creatives wanting to share their talents with the world. It evolved into building a community, lifestyle, and brand that supports, inspires, and entertains the new generation of creatives, like us.

Many of the current media/entertainment, retail, and gaming companies are still writing for an older generation. They have unethical and outdated practices, from unfair agreements to covering mainstream media and lacking diversity.

We aim to change that by standing by the creative, as they should come first. To help each individual find their own story. We want to make sure the world hears your story and we want you to be part of our story.

We hope we can call you a bndt (bandit) and welcome you to the family ♥️.

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Co-Founder. Content Creator.

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Rikoe Thomas

Co-Founder. A variety streamer and content creator.