Casa Merida | A Contemporary Home Disconnected From The City

A Quiet Sustainable Home in Mérida, Mexico

Casa Merida is family home built in 2018 is located in Mérida the capital of Yucatán in Mexico. This house by Ludwig Godefroy doesn’t come with AC and relies on it’s design to stay naturally cool. Following the sustainable principles the house is powered with solar panels and built with materials locally sourced.


Without air-conditioning a pool is a much needed feature and the main attraction of the home. You can relax in the hammock floating just above the water. The pool is located at the complete opposite end of the entrance to the home.

Broken Rectangle

Casa Merida create a single live perspective which starts at the homes door and ends at the pool. It creates a long broken rectangle that helps cool the home and mimics the Mayan’s Sacbé or “white way”, a paved road build by Mayans.

Lighting and Design

The homes contemporary and traditional design influences create a seamless connection with the indoor and outdoor sections of the home.

Large wooden doors are used to seal off the indoor areas of the home. Wooden louver windows are used to light the home. Casa Merida also stays away from finishings and decoration to create a minimal and simple home that many can fall in love with.


Casa Merida from the outside hides the gem located inside. Inside the walls of the home a world is created disconnecting those inside from the world outside. The home tries to maintain its disconnect lifestyle without rely on outside sources for electricity, water, cooling and disconnecting from the life of the city outside. It includes rain collectors some disguised as sculptors, used to help water the garden and provide water to the home in a closed loop. The water is also heated with solar, as well as the electricity coming from solar panels.

Images: Roy Gardiner

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