Meet Vuhlandes The Raw And Unapologetic Artist

Vuhlandes is an exceptional artist and photographer from Detroit. His style is unique and raw, capturing the reality of life around him. This type of work is much needed in a world where photography and the media try to paint a picture of a perfect world, trying to hide its truths. Authenticity is one of the many aspects that separate Vuhlandes from other artists, showing both the rain and sunshine.

He was born in Chicago, but his family later moved to Detroit. In an article with StockX he says “We grew up poor. The neighborhood was rough. Most of the people I grew up with are dead or in jail or just gone”, describing his childhood. But this gave him a purpose for his life, “not going to jail or be dead’.

Vuhlandes is a very prominent voice in the fight against racism and other injustices. He is also an exceptional role-model and inspiration for many people out there.


Vuhlandes captures, as he puts it “raw, unapologetic photos and videos of my lifestyle and where I grew up“. “I just want you to feel something.“ Below are some pictures from his instagram.

Vuhlandes seems to have always been dabbling in photography. According to a StockX feature, in 2014 he met a fellow photographer in Detroit, Sam, who opened his eyes to the community of photography. Sam helped Vuhlandes improve his technique and nail down his style.


There’s much more to Vuhlandes than just photography, he’s also a videographer.


More recently he’s also started a fast growing YouTube channel, where he covers everyday life, photography, and video. He posts “Vuhlogs” (vlogs) that showcase his journeys and provide an inside look into his life.

In addition, there are plenty of videos that can help photographers and videographers from all skill levels where he shares what he’s learned with the 5 or more years of experience he has under his belt. Check out more on his channel here.

More Vuhlandes

Some of his projects include a cookbook with FTP (FUCKTHEPOPULATION). See more of his projects here.
Theres more to Vuhlandes than photography and film. He is also into hip hop, a fellow sneakerhead, and much more.
Be sure to follow Vuhlandes: Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube.

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