Best Anime To Binge During Quaratine

When I first heard that we would be slammed with a month-long quarantine, the first thing that came to mind was anime binging. What is anime binging and what’s the best anime to binge during quarantine? Glad you asked.

Definition: The binging of anime is an art form that is practiced by people who have strong diligence to overcome an obstacle that might seem impossible to the average person. It is the indulgence and excess of watching countless hours of anime in one sitting with only breaking concentration once, to restock on snacks. It has been said that there are some people in this world who never break concentration once. No snack refills, no going to the bathroom, no sunlight, nothing. These are rare creatures and you should reframe from interrupting them for safety purposes only.

It’s Finally Happening

Yes, you know what I’m talking about, all those episodes that you couldn’t catch up with. Everyone around you keeps telling you the same thing, “Broooo did you watch that episode yet, hurry up you’re 3 episodes behind now. All those conversations you were left out all because you haven’t caught up yet. You’re working 24/7, you have classes, and on top of that, you have to listen to your friends talk about the episodes that you haven’t caught up on yet. But now this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on all those shows and more. Nothing can get in your way now(except if you’re a parent or adult with a ton of responsibilities, then I am deeply sorry to say that it might take you a while to catch up), besides that it’s just you, your favorite hoodie, snacks, and your TV.

Where To Start?

I would say that the hardest part about binging anime is what show you should start with first. Should you go with the new series that just came out recently or should you start catching up on the series that have been out for some years? You always want to start your binging with a Bang!! So tell me are you watching the new anime that just finished it’s the first season, Tower of God, or are you going to pluck up the courage to get caught up with the show that will keep going until you are well in your 90’s(One Piece). Hard to choose right? Well, let me make it harder. How about you get caught up with Fire Force which has new episodes releasing every Friday, or maybe you want to see if Asta is still screaming his heart out on every episode on Tuesdays. Or maybe you’re trying to watch who will be God of Highschool on Mondays. The list doesn’t stop, there’s a ton of anime to catch up on old and new. The only limit is how much you can handle.

List of Binge Worthy Anime

Below is a list of some anime series that are binge worthy. Oh and if you think these are the only series that are binge worthy, you’re wrong. I only gave you a few, the rest you will have to discover yourself! A great place to start is with the Big Three.

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