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Over the past 3 years the Battle Royale genre has been taken over the gaming industry with new titles coming out year after year. It seems like every gaming studios is playing catch up to come out with their version of a battle royale game. Some gamers have begun to hate it, but others wait in anticipation for the next “big” battle royale. Gaming studios are beginning realize that it’s not that simple to put out a random battle royale because not all of them age well. Some gather a massive audience from their beta weekends then produce mediocre numbers for the remainder of the year. While others might pop off immediately and continue to produce big numbers. However, if you time it wrong what could happen is that your battle royale game can get overshadowed by the bigger title right now. There are a ton of considerations that should come into play when discussing why a new battle royale game is or isn’t producing the numbers as expected. Of course, we won’t be getting into that discussion today because then we would be sitting here all day debating. But what I will do is give you a list of battle royale games (newest to oldest) that are either the main games right now, or constantly producing the numbers they need from loyal fans to stay alive. Also for this lists sake I will only be only be listing shooter/first-person shooter games. If I happen to miss any battle royal games that fit under that spectrum please let me know down in the comments below.


Spellbreak | September 3

Platforms: PC / PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch

“EXPECTO PATRONUM” – wait that might be the wrong game! Leave a comment down below if you know where I got that from. All jokes aside if you love to dwell into the likes of fantasy witchcraft and spells this new battle royale game developed by Proletariat, Inc. might be the game for you. In Spellbreak you are able to choose the class that fits you, while also having unique customization for spells, sorceries, and more to develop the play style that you want. Just to name a few spells you have, Ice Lance which allows you to launch a deadly ice shard, then Lightning Bolt which as it states gives you the ability to punish your opponents with a hail of lightning bolts, or you can go with my favorite – Fireball. The ability to bombard your enemies with scorching balls of fire as they try to evade the battle. The mixing and matching of the spells are totally up to you, battle hard, and remember that only one can be the best mage.

Hyper Scape | July 12

Platforms: PC / PS4 / Xbox One

It was inevitable, at some point Ubisoft had to put out there version of a battle royale. This futurist Tron-like battle royale will have you at the edge of your seat. The main aspect that sets this battle royale apart from others is its fast pace. From double jumping to using hacks to scale towers and scout from the sky you are always on the move. The main source of movements are hacks, which are abilities that grants teleportation in a split second, slam which allows you to soar the sky and hulk smash your opponents. But if you are not the type to push your opponents you can also go invisible while you sneak around your enemies, impulse your enemies away from you with shockwave, lay enemy lock on mines that follows them, or bounce away in style with your armored ball. Don’t worry you will never miss out on a battle and if you don’t think that you will perform that great in this game all you need to keep in mind is to continuously move. Never sit in one place or you will for sure pay the price, you’ll understand sooner or later.

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Call of Duty: Warzone | March 10

Platforms: PC / PS4 / Xbox One

If 10 or 20 kills in battle royale games aren’t enough for you or you can’t get anything higher because everyone is dying so fast then Infinity Ward may have come up with a solution. Having their own battle royale that drops in 150 players and has them battle it out in Verdansk, while also giving you the great option for a second chance if you die. But hold up, I didn’t say it was going to be easy to come back. Once you die you will have to enter a prison bathroom called the Gulag, where you and another player who died will have to 1v1 to determine who will be granted a second chance. Blood, sweat, and tears will be shed in the gulag but all that doesn’t matter if you annihilate your opponent. I like to say, “What happens in the gulag, stays in the gulag.” Another feature of Warzone that I thought was brilliant to add was the possibility to get your own custom gun class. Those classes that you grinded every night and day for will be a key feature in clinching those wins in Warzone.


Apex Legends | February 4

Platforms: PC / PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch

A year has gone by now and Apex is still one of the popular battle royale games to play. They are well into there 6th season now and still have plenty of seasons to go as they keep adding more and more exciting characters to play with. To those of you who haven’t touched Apex Legends before, it is a free-to-play first-person shooter that allows you to play as different characters who each have their own special abilities. My favorite character being, Lifeline – who has a medical drone as one of her attributes, the ability to heal teammates faster with a protected barrier, and a care package that drops useful items for you and your teammates. If this character sparked your interest, there are 13 other characters that have unique abilities for you to choose from. All that’s left is for you to choose your legend, drop in the battlefield, and fight to become the champion.


Garena Free Fire | September 10

Platforms: Android / IOS

This battle royale is a little different from the ones listed. This being the fact that Free Fire is purely a mobile game available on Android and IOS. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “if it’s on mobile then it must have trash graphics”. But you will be wrong, of course, you can’t compare mobile graphics to PC or console graphics, but as mobile gaming is progressing this is a game that you don’t want to miss out on. Each match is about 10 min long with 49 players, just enough time to keep you busy while you’re bored. Whatever playstyle you have Free Fire will fulfill that, by being able to drive vehicles and push everyone, be sneaky and hide in trenches, or you can be American Sniper and prone in the grass while you take your enemies out one at a time.

Fortnite | July 21

Platforms: PC / PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch

I know some of you all are tired of seeing this game, whether you like it or not Fortnite (as well as a game we will discuss after this one) has done a lot to spread the idea of having many gaming studios put out their own battle royale. Something I would like to call the BR Effect (Battle Royale Effect). You have all the aspects to think about on figuring out how this game blew up. It all comes down to the cartoon feel, the building mechanisms, the addition to new characters from movies, TV shows and more. This free-to-play battle royale game houses many modes for every mood you are in. Practice your builds, try different guns, or fight to achieve victory. Fortnite is well into its 3rd year and 14th season, with no plans on stopping. Makes you wonder how long do you think they can keep going? I would love to see how Fortnite looks in the next 5 years.

PUBG | March 23

Platforms: PC / PS4 / Xbox One / Android / IOS

We’re down to our last major battle royale game – PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). This is the other battle royale game that I considered to help pave the way for the BR Effect to take place. For most people, this was their first battle royale game that they played that sparked enjoyment and thrill of playing a different type of game. This game is based on previous mods that were created by Brenden Greene also known as “PlayerUnkknown’s for other games, that was inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale. This film directed by Kinji Fukasaku is about 42 9th graders that are sent to a deserted island, which they are given a map, food, and different weapons. Their mission is to kill everyone in order to be the last one standing, while also being restricted by a collar that can blow up if you break the rules. I know most of us love battle royale games, but would you be able to survive one if one was to occur in real life?

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