Lego and Nintendo Make An Interactive NES Console

Lego and Nintendo have teamed up to make an interactive NES console for $299.99. The set comes with a replica NES console, cartridge, controllers, and an interactive retro themed TV and is set to release August 1. This Lego and Nintendo collaboration 2,646 pieces set is sure to keep you busy for awhile and it doesn’t require batteries or power to play!


The set mimics the original NES console in as many ways as it can and it does so in true Lego fashion. It has a life size controller that you can plug right into the console. But, don’t forget to insert your Game Pak cartridge into the opening in the front of the Lego NES. When you’re all set head over the the 1980’s Retro TV and begin turning the handle on the side to get the replica 8-bit Mario figure running through the level on the scrolling screen. Yes the screen is made with Lego’s too.

Lego has always pushed the boundaries with their designs from the actual sets to the packaging. A lot about design can be learned through these Lego sets and the same can be said about its packaging. Looking for more design content and inspiration check out our other articles here.

More Lego Fun

This set follows the earlier announcement of the Adventures with Mario Adventure Starter Course with will also be available August 1. You can place the Mario figure from the Adventure with Mario set to hear the game audio from the TV. Check out the Lego Super Mario site fore more planned Nintendo themed Lego sets.

Lego continues to create many authentic and carefully thought out sets with their Lego magic. Like these Mickey and Minnie Set and Jurassic Park T Rex Rampage. Be sure to check out the Lego site for all the other Lego products.

Will you be getting the set?

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