The Last Of Us Part II Shares New Gameplay Video

Earlier today at 4:00pm EST Playstation streamed new gameplay for the highly anticipated The Last of Us Part II. Watch the video below:

The new Last of Us II gameplay shows Ellie finally being able to swim. Which is a relief after we had to drag wooden pallets to carry her across water in the first game. While the game doesn’t feel too distant from the original there are many new mechanics and features shown.

The violence will be more prominent this time around. But, Ellie can now craft items, upgrades, and weapons. As seen in the demo where she created a suppressor out of a water bottle.

Her main goal in this gameplay was to find a woman, Nora, as she explores Seattle. Seattle is the territory of one of the new factions, Washington Liberation Front, in The Last of Us II. She fights her was through the WLF territory showing off new mechanics like: swinging on ropes, driving a boat, and new crafting. There are also better movements and visual improvements which should be expected. The gameplay ends just as she finds Nora.

There was also a new Infected, the Shambler, which can burn you and creates a cloud of spores if you get close. Just when we thought Clickers were the worst of out problems. Be sure to check out the video for more details we might’ve missed!

They’ve been ramping up the content for The Last of Us II as its release date is closely nearing, after it had been delayed a few times. Check out their YouTube channel for more information about the game before it’s release. It’s set to release on June 19th.

Be sure to pre order the game here. Or pre order the limited edition The Last of Us Part II themed PS4 Pro here.

This follows the new Ghost of Tsushima gameplay which was also released earlier as part of their State of Play content. Ghost of Tsushima will release on July 17th.

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