The Next Big 3 Anime | There Isn’t One

Word has been going around for a while that the Next Big 3 anime are in the works, of being established. But before we even touch that subject we need to understand what The Big 3 really is.


Originally the Big 3 was created from Western Anime fans, which defined 3 anime/ manga Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach as the most influential and inspiring during early 2000’s and mid 2000’s (2000-2016). Now I didn’t say that they were the best anime ever, but the most popular during that time frame. Now what made these three anime/manga so popular? It could be that for most people behind all the different styles they share a few things in common, that being the length, genre/target audience, MC, and the plot.

Length – The Ultimate Reward

Whether you like it or not these long series had a strong impact on our life, filler and all. Through these longer series we were able to get to understand characters more in depth. We get to experience and watch them grow from a snotty little brat to a total bad ass. This is truly an ultimate reward for continuing to stick with these series, to understand their personality and to watch their character flourish through hardships.

Genre – Action, Adventure, & Drama

These three are usually place in the action / adventure / drama genre. Now I can’t speak on all males and females; but as a male I can say that most of us look for the crazy action. And no not the kiddy play, I’m talking about the let’s get down to business, throwing hands left and right, ultimate sword fights that leave you with chills.

But don’t be mistaken these three wouldn’t be the same without the emotional scenes that they carry. These scenes truly helps you understand what they are fighting for. It’s those flashbacks the MC has as they are on the brink of defeat that makes you want to tear up and scream “Get Up It’s Not Over Yet”. It’s the scenes that makes you thinking about your own hardships and how it made you a better person in the end. Teaching you how to not give up just because you’re not strong enough or smart enough. This is one reason how these 3 got this name from being most influential during that time.

Main Characters – Personality

Now it’s not hard to see that Luffy, Naruto, and Ichigo have very similar personalities. That being stubborn, goofy, and a little loose in the head, but don’t you be fooled that doesn’t take away the fact that they will get down to business if they need to. This “common trait” is being used in other anime as well but it was first started by Son Goku. In reality though, the goofiness is what makes us love the character even more.

Main Goal – The Dream

If there is anything that these three anime have put through your head over and over…and over again is to never give up on your dreams. Ichigo, Luffy, and Naruto all shared similar dreams. Ichigo – to be Soul King. Luffy – to be the King of Pirates. Naruto – to be the Hokage. Although they had those dreams they also fought for two more crucial things. To protect their friends/family and to be acknowledged and respected.

The Next Big 3 – Only One

Now that you know a little more about the origin of the big 3 and what made them what they are today, we can revisit the previous question. What is the “Next Big 3”? Now this is when some people will get butt hurt.

There will be no “Next Big 3”

This name should not be passed around like it is nothing. The name Big 3 came from the most famous and influential anime/manga of that time period. There is only one Big 3. Now that doesn’t mean that all the anime that came afterward are all trash or that there won’t be any anime that will be famous, no. I’m just saying that when it comes to The Big 3 – there’s only one.

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