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Meet Hassan Secka or Blu Boy, a dropout from Georgia State University created his brand WNTD Apparel in 2012 and his continued hard work has lead his work to be featured in Vogue, NY Times Fashion, and Highsnobiety. Blu Boy ‘s WNTD Apparel is a fashion line based in Atlanta with a unique style that has been worn by many artist like Jack Harlow, Quavo, and many others. His success and passion has allowed him to meet and create for various celebrities and companies. He creates authentic art and continues to explore and push his limits, which can be hard to find today.

WNTD Apparel

Blu Boy ‘s WNTD Apparel is “Designed For The Creatives Of The Modern World”. It started during his sophomore year of high school and has pushed him to learn various skills. He is the creative mind behind everything for WNTD Apparel including but not limited to the lookbooks, photoshoots, campaigns, and products. Visiting his shop sometimes leads to a password protected page because he wants to create authentic art and doesn’t create just for sales. But when the shop opens his highly anticipated releases often sell out in hours.

Like his I ❤️ MOM sweater that recently sold out in 4 hours and one of his customers included the popular rapper Jack Harlow.

His fashion line is filled with the iconic ghost character and all his designs can be seen modeled by the playful cartoon figures. The creative graphics and photographic fill the instagram feed of WNTD Apparel. It’s prominent and unique design is one that has caught the eye’s of many where he was asked to create a piece for Quavo to wear at Rihanna’s FENTY fashion show.

In addition to clothing he’s designed footwear, duffle bag prototypes, backpacks, and much more; Blu Boy is just getting started. He has many upcoming products like shoes and action figures.

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Kinda like Cinderella’s glass slippers

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Art Is War

Quickly glancing at WTND Apparel’s instagram feed you will also see “Art Is War” plastered all over his work.

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Never forget.

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In an interview, “Art Is War” to him is a mental battle within the artist, a battle between artist, and an uphill battle against those that don’t believe in your art. A strong message that many can relate to.

Sprite & Under Armor

He continues to create work that big companies can’t ignore. Recently Blu partnered with Sprite to create work for their Sprite Ginger campaign. He also posted designs of IWD Curry 7s for Steph Curry and Under Armour.

Recent Work

Blu Boy continues to expand his skillset with new projects. He recently began making a limited release of jackets with hand-picked patches that “that bring [people] together through culture”. As he put it in his instagram caption “You walk in a room and anyone would be able to relate to at lease one patch and create an instant connection”.

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A concept.

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Blu Boy has also been teasing weapons made of art materials, another play on his “Art Is War” message. Exploration is one of the best practices of an artist and Blu isn’t afraid to explore with his art.

Here are the some other works from his instagram page.

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