Style Tips For Parents of Children With Autism

I am not a parent, but I believe it’s fair to say, being a parent is a true blessing. Whether you are a parent of a child with autism or not, I’m sure we can all agree that dressing a child can be a very daunting task. So I thought it would be great if I shared some style tips that can make dressing your little one easier.

Style Tip 1

Plan Outfits For The Week

It’s stressful having to get yourself and your child ready for school / daycare in the morning. You can completely remove that stress from you and your child’s life by planning their outfits for the week. You can even use this as a bonding tool to decide on which outfit you like best. It is important to try and teach your child to be as independent as they possibly can. Teach them simple things like not to wear a winter coat in the summer. Make sure that their clothing is appropriate and comfortable. Try to keep in mind their sensory issues, if they have them.

Style Tip 2

 Pick Your Battles Wisely

As a stylist who has a bold and eccentric style, I can relate to children who do not want to wear “uniform attire.” Your child may want to wear yellow with red, stripes with zebra print, or polka dot on polka dot and that is OKAY. Every child has their own personality and a key component to styling anyone is making sure that their personality is shown through their clothing, that component is no different when it comes to styling children. Everything doesn’t have to be a fight, sometimes it’s best to let your child be just that and wear a wacky outfit that makes them feel good.

Style Tip 3

Stay Calm

I’m sure it may be frustrating at times dressing your child. They might have an issue putting on socks, pants, and shoes. When that happens, it is important to stay as calm as you possibly can. When your child notices the slightest bit of frustration it alters their mood, making the entire styling process challenging. You can also try timing them by giving them one to five minutes to complete certain tasks. Keep in mind they have different neural processes than you and believe me when I say they want to be dressed just as much as you want them to be dressed.

Style Tip 4

Reward Them!

Rewards work for most children, but only you know how to reward your child! By rewarding your child when they put on a hoodie, or turtleneck properly, it helps them associate dressing with something positive rather than something negative. It may not seem like much, but little by little you’ll notice styling your child becoming an easier task.

I hope these style tips have helped you in some way. To any parent who may have read this far, take pride in knowing that you are the best parent your child could ever ask for!

Where To Shop?

There are many companies releasing new inclusive lines that solve a great deal of the dressing challenges children with physical and mental disabilities face. I have included links to those places, in the attached.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Adaptive Clothing Line:

Zappos’ Adaptive Clothing and Footwear Lines:

IZ Adaptive Clothing Collection:

Adaptations by Adrian:

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